Image of painting with bleach technique by Nicole Watt at Nicole Watt Creates

How To: Painting with Bleach (Yup! Go Grab the Clorox!)

If you’re looking for a new way to create color contrast in a project, perhaps the unique results of bleach art painting is it! Yes, we’re talking painting with Clorox, or any other household brand. If you like to explore the unexpected, this is a great technique to try.

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supplies for painting with bleach

You don’t need much to achieve great results when using bleach as paint! In fact, you don’t need anything special! Of course, if you need to do some shopping, I always have supplies linked below and at the end of the post. But, before you shop, be sure to check out my Crafty Sales page for any deals you can take advantage of at your favorite crafting haunts.

Image of painting with bleach technique by Nicole Watt at Nicole Watt Creates

Looking for another way to use bleach as paint or ink? Check out my tutorial on Bleach Stamping!

steps to paint with bleach

  1. Sample scraps of colored cardstock to determine how painting with bleach will react.
  2. Fill empty water brush with bleach. Be sure to label the brush so you don’t confuse it with water!
  3. Stamp and heat emboss image as desired.
  4. Use paint with bleach-filled water brush as desired.
  5. Use heat tool to speed up drying.
  6. Add additional layers to continue lightening areas as desired.
  7. Add bleach splatter if desired.
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watch the technique tutorial

My How To tutorial videos are filmed with real-time narration. You can pull out your supplies and follow along because there’s no editing, except for drying time. Pause when you need to, but otherwise, get ready and create right along with me! Now, get ready to see me using bleach as paint!

How to: Painting with Bleach | Card Making, Mixed Media Art & Craft Techniques

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