Speedcolor: Recreating a Once-in-a-Lifetime Watercolor

Ever think “well, I’ll never be able to duplicate that…”

Yah – me too. The problem is, you LOVE this card! I got so many comments and complements on my watercolor take on the new Altenew Paint-a-Flower Poppy set that I knew I’d have to figure out how to recreate it for you.

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What you don’t know…

Is that the design was mistake after mistake after mistake. I almost threw it in the trash no less than three times. Seriously.

And then, it happened. I hit it with the heat gun for the last time and, poof! The ugly duckling became a beautiful swan.

One of the craziest things I noticed is the way the watercolor markers hung onto the original stamped image. I stamped in Morning Frost ink on 140lb. Cold Press watercolor paper. I didn’t expect the ink from the watercolor brushes to essentially “stick” to the stamp outline. I think that was what made it “ugly” to me at first. Then, I just kept playing with adding ink and lightly spritzing with water until the art emerged.

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Speedcoloring Video

Truth be told, I didn’t think I’d figure out how to recreate anything remotely similar. But, I had to try! I also didn’t think that I’d be able to explain what I was doing, and why, so this time, I opted for a speedcoloring video. I think you’ll see a lot of what I did to create this look, even though it’s playing at super-speed. I’m sure I’ll try this technique again. Hopefully I’ll have the confidence to share more of a step-by-step then.

But, in the meantime, enjoy!

Color Break: Altenew Paint-a-Flower Poppy loose watercolor

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Just experiment…

Unlike most projects, I would not call this one “easy”. It requires patience and the willingness to work through the ugly phase. AND, it also requires the willingness to throw away a few tries if it’s really not going well. However, if you do go for it, you may discover something absolutely beautiful!

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8 thoughts on “Speedcolor: Recreating a Once-in-a-Lifetime Watercolor”

  1. Nice create video. It really does look extremely messy and a bit scary when adding the black. Then all of a sudden, there it is.

  2. That is one interesting card and wasn’t sure you were going to pull that one out, but it really became very inspiring and that patience pays off. It’s funny that when I look at it the lighter pink on the side almost looks like a fluttering butterfly, eye of the beholder I suppose. You always amaze me with your talents. Blessings to you and your family

  3. It’s WAY cool! I’ve been fascinated with watercolor for some time and always like to see variations and new exciting results. You have wonderful creativity!


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