Image of watercolor with ink sprays technique by Nicole Watt at Nicole Watt Creates

How To: Watercolor with Ink Sprays

If previous techniques haven’t got you dusting off your ink sprays, maybe this one will! Ink sprays are more versatile than they might first appear. You don’t just have to spray them! You can use them in so many different ways, including in various watercolor techniques.

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supplies for watercoloring with ink sprays

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Image of watercolor with ink sprays technique by Nicole Watt at Nicole Watt Creates

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steps to watercolor with ink sprays

  1. Prepare a piece of watercolor card as desired (stamping an image, etc).
  2. Explore with ink sprays to create different looks

Painting: Pour out a small amount of various ink sprays onto a palette. Dilute the colors as desired and use the inks with brushes to paint as you would with traditional liquid watercolors.

Abstract: Spray a panel with a light mist of water. Use the top and wand from various ink sprays to create swirls, shapes, lines, etc. Spray more water if desired to help the color spread and blend.

Flowy Backgrounds: Spray ink sprays directly on the watercolor card – only one or two sprays (should not pool up excessively). Spray water on the panel to help the colors move. Use a brush

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watch the technique tutorial

My How To tutorial videos are filmed with real-time narration. You can pull out your supplies and follow along because there’s no editing, except for drying time. Pause when you need to, but otherwise, get ready and create right along with me!

How to: Watercolor with Ink Sprays | Card Making, Mixed Media & Craft Techniques

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