AECP: Make an Awesome Multimedia Card

Everyone appreciates a work of art

Especially when it is custom made for them! That’s what every handmade card is – a custom work of art! One of the things I like to stress is that guys can appreciate a work of art too! That’s why just a simple change can take a card from feminine to “masculine”. What is “masculine” anyway? Who’s to say what a guy will appreciate? Perhaps he likes glitter, or a bit of sparkle and shine? One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a guy or a gal, they will love that the card was made with them in mind!

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Level 1: FINAL

I received my Level 1 Final project assignment from Virginia last weekend, and I got straight to work! I wanted to have some extra time to try out a few ideas and get my project just right. My assignment included the following requirements:

  • Use techniques from three of the Level 1 Classes to make a birthday, graduation or encouragement card
  • Explain the components and share tips
  • Create a Masculine and Feminine version
  • Do a step-by-step photo tutorial and/or YouTube video
  • Complete the assignment by March 31st!

Wow! That’s a lot! Fortunately, some ideas started coming to me right away, and I had some idea of who these cards would go to – yes, even some guys! So, let’s get into the project and all of the how-to details!

My Project

The trick to combining multiple techniques is to not go overboard and make sure that they are in harmony with each other. In most cases, that means that the background will receive the majority of the techniques. That got me thinking along the lines of a “multimedia” project, and that’s where I ended up!

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Here’s a closeup  look at the fantastic texture in that background:

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Project Tutorial Video

Even though I distilled the how-to into 14 steps, this card does take some time to make. When I created the video, I went on for about 30 minutes! That’s when I knew I’d have to give a voiceover speed video a try. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you to understand some of the steps and techniques better.

Make an Awesome Multimedia Card

Thank You!

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On to Level 2!

I thoroughly enjoyed working to a requirement – it was a challenge to have to focus on specific aspects and to not think of them as limits, but as opportunities to approach the assignment in my creative way. I’m looking forward to learning more and refining my techniques as I move on to the Level 2 coursework!

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2 thoughts on “AECP: Make an Awesome Multimedia Card”

  1. Awesome cards and great techniques. Great job on the voice over. I emailed you my mailing info–thanks so much. I was so happy to see my name.

  2. You did a great job with the final challenge. I really like the subtle stenciling.
    Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in the AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!


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