AECP: All the Masking

What masking technique is your favorite?

There are so many ways to mask off projects to achieve complex (or simple) layered looks. It can help you take a bunch of separate images and bring them together in a cohesive arrangement – a real “wow” statement on paper, without any die cutting or extra layers. If masking is something you avoid, read on to hear more about a great class that will help you learn how to incorporate masking, easily, into a variety of irresistible looks!

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Class #9: Masking Unleashed

Masking requires a certain level of patience and forethought. The class, Masking Unleashed, helps to explain how to think ahead and plan a project so you get all of the masking in place when you need it. There’s lots of fantastic ideas on using masks creatively, as well as how to use different materials for various masks. If masking is something you want to get better at, or if you want a helping hand in exploring this technique and all the results you can achieve, this class is definitely for you!

My Project

I LOVE the new Wallpaper Art stamp set, and I knew I wanted to use it for this project. Instead of creating something where the flowers and leaves were all separate, like wallpaper, I wanted a small grouping, with bold, bright colors. 

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The Technique & Design

As I shared earlier, masking requires planning – so, I started out by laying out the stamps in an arrangement that I thought looked nice, and would fit on an A2 size card. I couldn’t plan out the leaves since I reused the same stamp over and over. So, I just played that part by ear, trying out different positions before stamping each image.

I used two masking techniques for this design. First, I used masking paper to cover the flowers and leaves to create all the overlapping, then, I used masking liquid to protect the flowers while I watercolored the background.

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Crafter’s Toolbox Video

Most people are familiar with masking paper, so I thought I would focus on masking fluid instead. I recently discovered some tools that make it soooo easy to apply. It’s now my go-to for most masking because it’s easy to apply and you can throw a lot of water at it without getting any seepage onto the masked area. Enjoy!

How to Use Masking Fluid

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  1. AWESOME tutorial! I love your clear instructions and tips! Your cards are simply gorgeous! Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!

  2. Gorgeous card! Love the way you explain things! I am so glad that you entered your beautiful work in the Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Thank you for sharing your creative process! Fabulous job!


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